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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Don't burst my Buble'!

So yesterday was a VERY long and full day. Had to wake up early and pop into work to do some maintenance (we can only often do that wil people aren't using our systems). Throughout the whole day I was like a ZOMBIE...well until my service manager bought me an expresso around 0930 and then I turned into the human water faucet. I am finding that my body is changing...either due to old age (LOL) or the extra muscle and (some) body fat and I sweat alot easier now. For someone who used to not sweat's kind of bizzaro! :)

At any rate, the day wore on and I left work early and took about an hours nap before waking up and getting all dolled up for the Michael Buble' concert that evening! Loooove me some Michael Buble'!

My goodness I enjoyed that more than I thought I would. WHAT an entertainer! Handsome (of course) with a stage presence that is just awesome. Slightly cocky, but that is a trait of "The Crooner" and man did he know how to work a crowd. His show appealed to the guys, girls, straights, and gays. He had something for everyone. The evening went by so fast and I laughed quite a bit (he's quite the comedian). It was definitely worth the money and I was lucky enough to have a ticket fall into my lap by a friend who once heard me mention I really liked him.

Got to bed finally at about midnight (having had been up since like 4:30...I was BEAT). I have a friend coming into town this weekend (yes just a friend...but a HOT friend LOL!) and we're going to go jaunting on the town on Friday I believe.

I have an interesting premise for a poem/song lyrics that I am working on. Maybe I will have a few moments this weekend to play with it. If it's any good, you'll see it here first!

Friday, March 03, 2006

What a SAD, SAD 32nd Birthday

So yesterday I turned 32. Well at least I'm still around and kicking with a fairly full and exciting life :) When I reminded a friend of mine it was my birthday he said:

You are so old now that I thought we weren't supposed to bring it up.

Which gave me a GREAT laugh (that bitch) :) What exciting and mischevious things did I do for my birthday? Well...I woke up...thought about calling in "sick" but I had too much work to do (today as well) so I went in. Got home when the day was done and went to the gym. Then I wrestled with my DSL connection for an hour (got it working obviously) and then went to bed.

Can you stand the excitement? :)

I did however splurge for my present and I bought myself a 1GB iPod Nano. I know I already have the 30GB iPod video, but I need something smaller for the gym. :) NEED! YES NEED! HAHAHAHA :)

I know I have reached the age of "getting older" because all these younglings (18-24) are chatting me up. I am not an ageist...I learned that even people my age sometimes might not be as mature as someone younger so I refuse to discount someone because of age. It's just a number, the soul has its own timetable. I'm a big ole kid at heart anyway.

I did try a funny test on one of those blogger sites and I thought the result quite accurate LOL :)

You Are a Natural Flirt

Believe it or not, you're a really effective flirt.
And you're so good, you hardly notice that you're flirting.
Your attitude and confidence make you a natural flirt.
And the fact that you don't know it is just that more attractive!