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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Gay World Series Entry #2 I know you've all been waiting with baited breath over the results of the 2005 NAGAAA Softball Gay World Series.

Obviously, we didn't do too well, or I would TOTALLY be raving on it almost immediately. Since it's been a whole week and you're not hearing echoes off of Mount Rushmore...well...*sniff sniff*

Our first game was was just a TRAINWRECK! I Tammy Faye's makup in a rainstorm trainwreck. Or...or...Michael Jackson at a Chuck E Cheeses trainwreck! ARRRRRgghghhg! The other team, though seeded below us, just had SO much energy and played much better than us. We actually got RUN RULED. How. Freaking. Embarrassing. *cry* I played like crap, I have no idea where my mind was.

So the next day, Thursday, we were in the losers bracket. We either had to pull it out and win...or start pouring the tequilla shots because we would be DONE. And...well...let's just say I got REALLY drunk that evening. Well...truthfully I did get drunk but not on tequilla...on bourbon! Woo woo! So while getting into this drunken state, we went to the host bar that night "Bourbon Street" which I really liked. They had a "shower in your underwear" contest and the drag queen host asked "Who needs some porn?" and I totally raised my hand (do you blame me?). So when I get up there she hands me this DVD of porn and asks "So...want to be in the contest?" to which I responded "Sure."

*grin* So let's lay some groundwork for this answer:
  1. I had not been hit on at all the whole week...publicity is a good thing
  2. I was wearing my sexy black underwear. :)
  3. I was a little bit intoxicated
  4. I'll do anything embarrassing...because quite embarrasses my friends more than me.
So I go into the back room and I'm like number 3 back there (of 6) and this one guy I had met earlier, Ryan, was either totally drunk or on something (I think it was door #2) because he was stapling himself. into his arm and he was all giggly about it *eyeroll*. Anyway, the manager was back there and she offered us a shot and me a separate drink (jack and diet) and I said "So...I get TWO DVDs for this right?" and she says "Sure, honey". *laugh* SCORE! So after the boys argued about who was going first, I told them to shut the hell up and I would go first (wussies). So I did my thang, showered off (thank goodness they were synthetic underwear) answered a few questions on the mic and went back in the back. Once in the back, the BEST looking guy said he needed some "inspiration" so I suffered and put my hand down his underwear and played underwear pool. *laugh* Innocent fun, innocent fun.

The night was over, softball was over, we were over IT, and lots of us were ready to get the FRELL home. But we were there...and the weather was SO frelling can you be upset for long? :)

Friday we decided to go to "Black's Beach" the gay beach (also people supposedly went around nude there) and so a group of us drove down there. After a decent hike, we arrived at the beach and YES there were people nekkid there! (most I didn't necessarily have a desire to see...but they had some big dongs *boggle*).

Saturday were the final games (but we pretty much only caught the tail end of things) and closing ceremonies out on an island (we had to take a water taxi out!). It was a "no drinking in public" place so they had us coralled into a little fenced area called a "beer garden" where I felt the Christian Coalition was going to drop a bomb on the alcoholic homos and get rid of us in one fell swoop.

It was our last night in San Diego and my teammates all wanted to go to Rich's to dance as it was Bear Night. I hung out for a bit, but some friends wanted to go back to Kicker's so we left the bar but passed by this other bar Flicks (video bar) where I had seen this bartender in the ad for it that I recognized as maybe being this guy from a Sean Cody video. Well after we got in I was rewarded as it was indeed Dominic. What a freaking hottie po tottie. My friends decided to leave but I wanted to at least get a drink from this guy so I could at least say I "got served by a porn star" *hehe*.

So on my way home, this cute little guy was just about stumbling trying to get a taxi. He was druuuuuuunk. So of course, me being the nice guy, I grabbed his hand and we started talking torward the more main streets in search of a cab. I was completely sober and he was so amusing. His name was..."Dougie" from Boston. He was on a sightseeing tour with his lesbian best friend (who was back at his hotel room sleeping) and was sorely disappointed he couldn't "thank me in the proper way" for helping him get back to where he was staying.

So after stopping at my hotel (we had met up with other friends who shared our cab) I stuffed him into another cab and bid adeiu. He was indeed bad circumstances weren't different as I bet he would have been alot of fun >:)

So I've been back in the ATL for a week getting my life back together. Doing laundry, cleaning house, even going out on a few dates *gasp*. Glad to be home, disappointed we didn't do better, but someone has to lose, ya? Now I know what I need to work on for next out!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gay World Series Entry #1

Wow. It has been an AMAZING week so far. So Sunday night were the GWS Opening Ceremonies. Having been to three GWS so far I can honestly say that though the venue was amazing (sponsored by Viejas casino) the show was totally lame. I guess I expected alot this being San Diego, but geez.

So we left the show early and went to register. Of couse I garnered quite the attention wearing my scrolling LED message belt I had configured to say "Team Atlanta" :)

We were still feeling a bit jet lagged and we had games in the morning so we just went to bed. Exciting night huh?

Well Monday morning came early as about 3AM we ALL woke up at the same time and someone finally said "Are you awake?" and we chorused "yes". LOL :)

So how did our first game go? Well...can you say "total disaster"? :) We were SO hyped up and nervous and just a bundle of nerves. It was as if we were possessed by kindergardeners trying to play softball.

We were sorely disappointed needless to say. But we had a team pow wow afterward and discussed why we felt we lost and pretty much it was just the self imposed pressure. The games were running an hour late and we ended up eating dinner at like 10:00PM. I hate hate hate eating so late. After dinner we had a "team bar night" at this bar called Baccius. It was a little tiny bar and there was NO one there pretty much other than my team. So far the nightlife of this little California town leaves much to be desired.

The next day we had late games yet again. However, we were loose, a little more confident and ready. Were we ready? Oh yes...oh yes we were. :) After a mild start, we found our mojo and things started flowing like clockwork. And we ONE point. Our second game started as the orange sun settled on the horizon. There were a few trees against the backdrop of the sun, thankfully. I had to position myself further left and down than I'm used to in order to be able to see. It could have been really nasty if I hadn't been able to do that. My coaches decided during my batting, that I was to be subbed out since my bat hasn't been on all week (hopefully I can remedy that today). He asked me if I was OK with this and I said, "I don't care. I came to win and if that's going to do it, do it." We were perfectly matched perfectly matched that we tied LOL :)

So today (Wednesday) the actual double-elimination tournament begins. From here on in, every game counts. We got seeded 13th out of 26 teams so we are SMACK dab in the middle of the pack. I've gotta start getting ready now so hopefully I'll have some goodness to report upon my return!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pre-Gay World Series Day #2

So we arrived safely in San Diego after a long long long flight. One other of my teammates, SO, and two of our coaches were on my flight. I sat next to this woman who giggled with me all the way through watching "Moster In Law" with J-Lo and J-Fo (which I had never seen). Luckily I had plenty to entertain me (my PSP, a book, my iPod) during what was (to me) a pretty dang long.

We had left Atlanta at 8:30AM and after the flight, it was only 9:30AM San Diego time! Eep! Our coaches had rented a car so they offered us a ride to the hotel, but it was WAY too early to check in so my team's token lesbian SO and I decided to walk around and eat lunch. We trolled around for quite some time, ran into some friends, had a cocktail (I'm really into Maker's Mark now) and then went back to the hotel to check in, take a disco nap, and then off to dinner at this Thai place in Hillcrest.

After a night of me drinking WAY too damn much, we awoke and met up with friends to tour the San Diego Zoo. It was pretty cool, but nothing earth shattering. In a way I was a bit disappointed.

But now we're back from dinner and we have to have a team meeting in an hour before we go to opening ceremonies.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Turning the lights on!

EEEEP! I just got done watching "The Ring" (from my new friends at and boy let me tell you! (yes I am behind and am probably the last person to see that movie, bitches) I have been walking around the house making sure there's a light on around me! *laugh* I might even leave the bathroom light on when I go to sleep!

So...I haven't heard from the guy I had a date with last weekend, I'm going to assume the best that he's just busy, but I did call him the next day and say I had a good time. I am a firm believer that if I'm going to chase you, you're gonna chase me back.

So work has become kind of a clusterfrell with all sorts of things being due and needing work at the same time. I really have got to perfect that cloning station. There is some discussion that I do need someone to actually work "with" on my projects because there is only one of me. I guess I have job security for awhile. >:)

BUT with San Diego and the NAGAAA Softball World Series coming up, I have little time to spare! I already started picking out the clothes I am bringing, and tomorrow I am going to pack them away. Talk about a 180 from my usual grab and slam packing strategy!

BUT alas, it is late and I still have to shave! Gotta run!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Did I even get a weekend?

UNIVERSE how time flies when you're having fun. I feel like this past week and weekend didn't even happen. Wednesday night this past week me and S went to see "Evita" at the Fox Theatre here in the ATL. I had won a couple of tickets (and OMG were they great seats) at our company picnic. I had seen the Madonna movie version but this one was much more aggressive as far as the characterization of Evita. I did enjoy it...I had forgotten how much I love live performances (concerts, plays, musicals, sporting events) so I vowed to attempt to attend more in the near future.

Friday night we had a birthday party for my friend JK at another of my softball mate's houses in a part of town called "Cabbagetown" (which in my mind reads "ghetto") :) It's not that bad, really, just very city I guess. I like my suburbia north if you know what I mean.

Saturday I had softball practice (in preps for our trip to the world series) and that afternoon I was supposed to have a date, but he had to postpone until that evening (which worked out well for me actually). So my friends laugh at how I meet guys on the Internet (the older ones feel it's sketchy) but this guy had e-mailed me and seemed funny and cute. When he got to my doorstep I wasn't disappointed :) He was incredibly fun to be around and he has those broad football player shoulders that I do so love. We started out on a scavenger hunt for a restaurant that wasn't crazy crowded. We went to a pizza place and then a taco place that was also just overcrowded so we settled on a nice mexican restaurant.

Afterwards we went to go see "The Island" which I totally enjoyed (and though he's not really into into sci-fi he liked Ewan McGregor so we were both happy) and when it was over we trucked back to my place and talked on the couch for like FOUR hours. We have very similar senses of humor and I think that personalitywise we are different enough to be dynamic but similar enough to potentially click.

I'm heading for San Diego for a week on Saturday and would have liked to have gone on a second date with him but I think time is going to be against me. LOL. It seems fate always likes to introduce someone interesting right before I go out of town. Well...I won't be gone forever >:)

This week should be pretty good at work, I have enough to keep me busy and I have enough softball preparations to keep me busy in the evenings. You know...picking out clothes WILL definitely take me a few days. And then I have to find a way to stuff everything into my suitcase and then I will get depressed that I have to take a few things out...blah blah you know the drill :)

Monday, August 01, 2005

Lazy Lazy Little Blogger

I know! I know! You're clamboring for the next installment in my misadventures! So where were we? I had just gotten back from a trip to Baltimore...

So let's get back to softball for a minute (since that is what has absorbed my life yet again)...after some minor dramatics, our league has decided to send us (yet again) to the NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series. That's right kiddies! A whole week of a thousand jocks and not enough time ;) This will be my third trip to the Gay Softball World Series (my first playing at shortstop) and this year it's in fabu San Diego, CA! Never been there so am looking forward to going! Universe knows I need a week off of work!!! (today has been heck!)

I almost didn't get to go to the GWS because my Mom got put in the hospital for some odd chest pains and dizziness which they initially thought to be angina (which could be a precursor to a heart attack). Well that started freaking my sisters out and they were making contingency plans to work on what to do with Mom and they said I needed to cancel those plans. Well I kind of freaked myself because she was going to have additional tests done and I had been playing for 5 hours in the 105degree weather and it was NOT a good time to have this discussion (Needless to say I said a few things to my sisters I regret). BUT it all came out fine in the wash as Mom just had some internal bleeding caused by an ulcer and something else (I forget).

Once that was straightened out I headed back up north to Hanover, NH (to Dartmouth) to give a presentation and attend a security (PKI) conference. The city was very quaint, but not alot for this gay boy to do besides have a few beers and read over "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" (because I had forgotten so much I felt if I didn't I'd be lost in the 6th book). I didn't have alot of time outside of the conference (they had us pretty booked) but I did wander around in the evenings looking in closed shop windows and strolling around their campus.

Returned home to be instantly engrossed in softball fundraising, practices, and the like. The most fun was the Wackers Garage Sale this past weekend. Spent most of Friday night getting stuff into DG's garage and pricing and sorting. Saturday at 7AM came WAY too early (ugh!). Around 10:00AM they brought out the Bloody Marys (but I settled for some vodka and cran) and by about noon I think I was drunk! LOL :) Well I stopped drinking because I had to skeedadle at 2 to go make a meeting with the softball board. Got home, said to myself "I can take a quick nappie and sober up" so I went to the ZZzz...

LATE! EEP! FRELL! I didn't have my material printed I couldn't find my keys, it was just a disaster and I was an hour late. I did honest up and tell them what happened and they said it was OK. I get very embarrassed when I am late for something important (especially since it was my fault). After that I went back home and DG and LD called and we worked out going out on the town (since it is RARE that DG ever wants to go out we just HAD to ;). So that evening we started at Woofs and then shot over to Swinging Richards (a male strip club) where I put a few dollars in a few boy armbands, and then we were a bit snookered (again! OMG!) and proceeded to the Heretic to dance it off. I had fun at the Heretic but we had an early practice so I retired about 2:00AM.

And needless to say, after practice at 9:00AM I pretty much alternated between sleeping and finishing up Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

So I'm SO looking forward to the World Series this year. I really hope we do well. I have been doing heavier cardio training and will continue to do so until the Friday before we leave.