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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I can't wait for some Sweet Charity!

While offering a suggestion to a fellow MySpacer about what night life in Atlanta has to offer, I suggested maybe a show at the Fabulous Fox Theatre (which I love) and lo and behold...the incredibly amazing Molly Ringwald (one of my personal favorites) will be playing in Sweet Charity this week! I purchased the best ticket I could get (if I'm going to see a show...I'm going to SEE a show!) for Thursday night and I can't wait!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm 4% Stupid and my 33rd Birthday Update

Hahaha! How funny is that? :) Took that test on a whim and turned out to be pretty accurate! (shameless self aggrandizement)

So my 33rd birthday has come and gone. I had a little party for about 50 of my friends :) I needed to surround myself with some positive energy (makes me feel like a leech) but it was exactly what the doctor ordered! I asked all my attendees to wear red because it was just a fun and simple theme. Ordered 200 red glow bracelets for the party (of which I still have 100 LOL) and spend a small wad on catering. Funny thing is they didn't quite "get" the reason for the red. Here's the logo and then I'll explain. I came up with the color was this: So I knew I had to incorporate 33 into there (it wasn't enough that the date of the party was 3/3 haha!) so if you look, the bottom half of the first three is the top half of the R and the bottom half of the second three is the D in RED). I had to explain that to a few people...apparently I didn't do a good job on the design...maybe next year, huh? LOL :) (I personally thought it was pretty damn clever!)

Here is a picture of me wearing a couple of my glow sticks :) I "am" an angel after all:

At the time of this writing, my birthday was last week. I was going to go out on Friday but my friends called and said that Hoedowns is starting to charge cover. I told them "have a nice time" and stayed in and played video games and had a glass of Makers from my personal stash. Thought about going out on Saturday...but then I was like "F that...$5 cover isn't worth it" since the crowd will definitely be thinner and made other plans.

Had to wake up early on Sunday morning (after only 4 hours of sleep...don't ask O:) for the 4th Annual HSL Softball Skills Clinic (for which I am the HBIC ... Head Bitch In Charge LOL) and it went really well. We had about 40 attendees and even a couple of people from last year that came. It's the biggest compliment when you have a repeat customer (on many facets of life ROTFL).

Thankfully, the weather was perfect and I finally got some "real" sun yesterday while working the clinic. It was nice to get reaquainted with the softball people I know as well as introduce myself to a number of new people. Gotta do that social networking you know :)

Looking forward to this week now that Daylight Savings Time is here again. We had to scramble to patch all of our machines at work this year (Thanks GW.). But if I get some more daylight...I'm alllll about that!

Oh well, off to the gym! Cardio today I am thinking. Ya'll behave!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Another Year


I am taking a breather and looking back on the past year since today is my "true" 33rd birthday. Boy. What a ride. I kind of find myself smiling though...but that shouldn't surprise many of you. Sometimes I think I am the Joker with a plastered on smile. ;)

Thankfully...I am blessed today with a calmness and serenity that I haven't felt in awhile. It's a new year for me and I need to make this another new beginning.

(I shake my head and laugh) many of those have I had? Changes and renewals are definitely part of the Pisces "lore". And I am listening to the song, "Wasted" by Carrie Underwood and I don't want to spend my life jaded and wasted. I closed off a part of myself after the "David Debacle".

It's time to move on. And though I have said I have before, I don't think I believed it. I felt kind of "demonized" by him at the end of things. Some self-doubt creeped in but after a funny conversation with my friend Larry...I kind of realized something.

So I have always believed that you can tell a lot about a person from his friends. I wanted to have a big party again so I set things up, got the venue, and the caterer. Of course, I do throw good parties ;) But I am very happy with the number of people showing up to wish me well :) If the reward for getting older is having the number of people in your life grow...then bring it on :)

Thankfully I have been gifted with a youthful face (the other day I was told I didn't look a day over 26...they need to look closer at the laugh lines ;) and I do definitely try to keep myself in shape.

The things I have learned this year I think will be some lessons that will hopefully shape my future:
  • Sometimes loving myself means letting go of someone else
  • Never loan money out. Things get...tainted.
  • The best friends are those that know I am doing something stupid, but support me anyway, especially after I get burned.
  • I take a compliment when I get one, but I don't need one to be feel good about myself
So...I'm going to go eat. My old old college friend, JohnJohn, and I are going to go out. But tomorrow...tomorrow is the night to paint the town RED. :) Stories and pictures forthcoming!