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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Whole lotta shakin going on!

So I am totally in love with the Playstation 3 games "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero III". Enjoying the heck out of playing lead guitar while Sean busts it out on the drum set.

So my friend David in Orlando has been screaming for a new picture of the teeth. I had about 1/4 inches of gum removed from my teeth and now I feel like a chipmunk! LOL :)

Not the best picture, but everyone says it is a HUGE difference in my appearance. I am excited that things have been healing so well because I get to have a consult for veneers to REALLY straighten things out in 3 weeks. I can't wait!

I am in pain today though since I just had my wisdom teeth out this past Friday. Today is rainy so I think its causing me some difficulty. I even had to ice my mouth last night.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

One of the (many) things I love about Sean...

One of the things I love most about Sean is that his grasp of the English language is sometimes...suspect? :) Most times, I just let it go in one ear and get reprocessed into whatever it is I think he's saying (or is that what I WANT him to be saying? HA!) But it's definitely one of the things that makes me smile :)

(01:53:52 PM)
Neon: tee hee, I like Rick Astley
(01:54:08 PM) Sean: * eye roll *
(01:54:21 PM) Neon: HEY
(01:54:29 PM) Neon: don't make fun of my diva
(01:54:34 PM) Neon: hahahhaa
(01:55:43 PM) Neon:
(01:57:12 PM) Sean: He is soo day
(01:57:13 PM) Sean: gay
(01:57:37 PM) Neon: well NOW...but back in the 80s...he's actually one of the few billionaire's left from that musical era
(01:58:30 PM) Sean: All the information I need
(01:58:53 PM) Neon: but I have even MORE facts about the fabu Rick Astley I need to share!
(01:59:44 PM) Sean: Save it for later..
(01:59:51 PM) Neon: gym conversation tonite
(02:00:05 PM) Neon: You will be ENTHRALLED with my knowledge!
(02:01:02 PM) Sean: I wait with Baby's breath
(02:01:22 PM) Neon: sometimes...your usage of the English language scares me :)
(02:01:35 PM) Sean: "boo"
(02:01:37 PM) Neon: Baby's breath is like a flower...
(02:01:50 PM) Neon: used as accents most often in bridal bouquets
(02:01:54 PM) Sean: Baited breath
(02:01:58 PM) Neon: baited ;)
(02:02:04 PM) Sean: That was a typo
(02:02:10 PM) Neon: I AM LAUGHING SO Fing HARD
(02:02:11 PM) Sean: ;_0

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kind of makes you wonder...

So. I just found out one of my coworkers died this past weekend. After I found out, I saw that he was still logged into instant messenger...

"I'm not here right now" kind of sticks out doesn't it? He was a good man and very good to me, both professionally and personally. Always asked about my dog, laughed with me over my gay jokes. Always had a smile on his face.

He was young too...early 30's. Don't really know what happened. Teared up a little bit because I know I'll miss him. When I decided to turn my thoughts to work to forget about it for awhile, I turned on my internet radio and the VERY first song (and it had JUST started) was Madonna's "Like a Prayer". I looked upwards and said out loud, "Very funny, Justin.", and chuckled briefly. Maybe coincidence...maybe one last smile for me from him.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Mouth Surgery

So, I've been afflicted with what is commonly referred to as a "gummy smile" and have always been self conscious about it. Once, someone even referred to me as "gummy bear" which (admittedly was kind of funny) hurt my feelings a little bit.

Well...I finally found a dentist that I am confident and comfortable with who is helping me improve my look. And I couldn't be happier. Unfortunately...this does involve some major oral surgery and I am one week after being sliced and diced for four hours. I am VERY happy with the results, but it's going to be quite a long road to complete recovery.

Once things get a little more healed up, I will post some pictures :)