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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life Goes On

On the cusp of my 33rd birthday in 2 weeks (am I really getting that old? LOL) and having put some interesting (for lack of a better word) times behind me, I find myself a little melancholic for the "good old days". I guess that is why I am so excited to have two of the most important people from my college days in town for this upcoming birthday. My first "real" boyfriend, John John, and my best friend Kyle. As mentioned before, we haven't been in the same room together in over 12 years. I heard a song on the radio today and smiled because its very true...

Although, I must say...I am either giving off pheromones or the boys are coming into heat with the spring approaching. When I've been dancing at Hoedowns, the local country bar, guys who I only admired from a shy distance are actually making a point to talk to me. I personally think they are attracted to the "dancing" and not the guy because after 9 years of dancing...I've got it going on *laugh*.

Had a couple of really nice dates, getting back into that saddle, just definitely not at a gallop! Got a little tipsy at this last one (hopefully that didn't frell up my first impression!) because the bartender kept buying us drinks.

The aftermath of drinking on a Monday night tho is still with me. It doesn't help that the weather is changing and that always makes me sick. I am excited that it's going to be 70 degrees here tomorrow! And softball is starting *yyyeeeeehaw*

But once that starts...there go my Friday nights out ('cause of early practice) and my Saturday nights out. That just means...more gym and video games! YAAAAAY!

I am working on planning a birthday party somewhere. Working on the details today and this week. I want another big one like I had for my 30th birthday. Already got the theme..."R3D" (which is "red" for you non-133t speakers). I will post the logo once it is completed for your enjoyment :)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

OUCH...damn that hurt.

And we're not talking about another broken heart folks. I have been wanting a new tattoo for awhile so I finally went out and got it :) After about an hour and a half of pain (this one hurt more than the other two combined) I am now the owner of a Celtic water dragon tattoo on my chest:

and a closer look:

I did have to shave my chest as they would have had to shave that segment anyway. I just didn't want a lopsided chest LOL :) I actually kind of like it. I may keep it shaved for definitely shows off more definition. It's a bit sore right now, to be expected though.

This past Friday I had a little surprise birthday party for one of my best friends, Danny. I had secretly invited our softball team and a couple of other friends of his to my house for drinks and cake before we headed out to Hoedowns (where he wanted to go).

So I moved the sofa back and had them all play with my Nintendo Wii and they had a blast an a half. They liked the bowling, tennis, and surprisingly most of all, the golf (can we say "you are getting old when..."?). After a couple of hours (and about 3 drinks for me to wash down the 2 pieces of cake), the party dissolved and I drove Danny out so he could drink if he wanted to.

Apparently I do need to rename "alcohol" as "courage" because I was on FIRE that night. It really brought out my confident flirty side. I even (this is not normally the case) asked for a guy's number...he's a cutie too. I also danced with this other guy who I thought was the bees knees (and I proceeded to tell him so LOL) ...I sure do hope I have the opportunity to see him again.

Today I'm a bit sore, but I need to get into the gym at least for some cardio...we'll see.

But last night I went to a little party at my lesbians' house. I showed them the new tat and was able to fill my friend Betty in on all the drama with the ex. She was really concerned that I was going to shut myself off from finding love again and get cynical (as I had done in the past when I first had met was just easier not worrying about it ;). I told her that it was sweet of her to worry, but if anything, I believe I am MORE open to being with someone after having that experience. Sure...the last one was not what I needed, but there were a few good times in there I have fond memories of.

Well I am going to go do a runabout and have some breakfast.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Final Payment: Beetle is MINE!

So I sent it off today. My final...CAR PAYMENT!IT IS MINE YOU BITCHES! Muwhawhawhahwa!

But seriously...I am SO looking forward to NOT having a car payment for awhile (even though I am dreaming of a nice BMW Z4 in my future). I have to get my life together, pay off some debt that isn't really mine, and then (once that is complete) do a little traveling.

Got all my tax refunds in already, now I just have to find which places I should concentrate the money on. I believe the strategy is to pay off the high APRs first.

I am totally in like with the new "Da Buzz" album "Last Goodbye". Some good toe tappers and some really fun "drag numbers in my head". I totally would love to produce/choreograph someone else ;) I look awful as a girl, but I sure can be a backup dancer! LOL :)

I am going to try and get off my butt and get my new tattoo done. I am going to have to shave my chest (which I am NOT looking forward to). But I know what I want. I just have to decide the scale and go and make the appointment. I'll probably go to the place where I got the others done at "Timeless Tattoo". We'll see ;)

I should have some pictures up soon in my next blog post. OH OH, before I forget, let me tell ya'll how ditzy I can be :)

So yesterday I'm cleaning the house, even going so far as to scrub out the toilets. Well...I noticed that the sink in my half-bath downstairs was icky so I put the stopper in, put some orange Pine Sol in it, and turned on the faucet. Went into the kitchend was mucking around doing laundry and I hear this someone left the shower on...I was like "WTF is tha...OH MY GOD!!!!" In the span of about 60 seconds I had forgotten I turned on that sink faucet (tells you how much I was trying to NOT think about my chores) and the floor was 1/4 inch deep with water! I grabbed some dirty towels and started mopping it up. It even went into the crawl space under the stairs. I just left the door open to air it out. This morning it was all dry. But the floor did get a nice clean and polish in the bathroom.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anger Flashes

So sometimes while driving I get to thinking about my last BF and how he basically stole from me and used me and then proceeded to GLOAT about it by sending me the ABBA video "The Winner Takes It All" (I sh*t you not.) I get this hyper-flare of anger (which once I said to myself, "Thank goodness I'm not on steroids or I'd go try and lift a car").

I like angry music. It really calms me somehow...that and it's really good sex music. I would love to put a set of earphones on, blare this stuff in my ears, and go to town.

Issues? Not really. Resentment? Definitely.

It's like an emotion zombie...those feelings stay buried for awhile, but then they rise from the dead unexpectedly and eat my brain!

Maybe its all the extra testosterone from going back to working out so much. I'll get over it. Don't have much of a choice do I?

Dammit what an IDIOT I was. Maybe THAT'S what I'm really angry about.

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