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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend 2006

Time flies when you're having fun don't it? So when last I posted, I was recovering from some softball injuries. I most definitely feel MUCH better now. The arm stopped hurting so much and the knee is less swollen (I can at least see my kneecap now!).

I have discovered (AGAIN) that procrastination will be the death of me. When I closed on my townhome two years ago, I was given a $500 allowance to get a fence put in between my neighbor and I. I got a contractor who pretty much ditched and I left the check in his name figuring I could get one cut when I was ready to deal...TWO YEARS LATER! HAHAHAH!

SO I called up the lawyer who closed on my house, she has since moved on, but gave me the number of someone who could help me. She is helpful, and I know its near the end of month, but she's not returning my phone calls and I have tried to jump through all the hoops her firm is making me jump through. I am going down there in person this week to get this stuff over with. If I have to make an ass of myself in order to put some closure on this, so be it. I have been Mr. Nice Guy and Mr. Patience for two weeks without a return phone call. (I'm so sure I'll run crying from the lawyer's office screaming "Ya'll are MEANIE'S!" HAHAHHAHA!)

I am so ready to get to work on that project. It's like one of the last things I have to do before the other thousand projects I have on my list.

So this past weekend we played in the HSL Hotlanta Softball Challenge (which I played a decent part in the working/preparation for it). We had lots of drama with this year and on Friday I pretty much worked all freaking day on the tournament (I took a vacation day from my normal job). Next year, I think I might let someone ELSE do the work and I'll just serve as an advisor ;) LOL :) I will say that everyone was very helpful and did everything that I asked them to without giving me any grief. And LORD do I love that! :) If I were born a long time ago, I totally would have to have been a king. (Shaddup, bitches).

So Memorial Day Monday was pretty much spent on my ass in front of the television watching DVD's of an anime my friend Nick loaned me called "Gantz". It was entertaining...interesting concept. It's very mature (sexual innuendos and situations) and seriously bloody. :) Love it! MUHAWHUAHWUAHWA!

Well it's quitting time, gotta finish up for the day and head out to the homestead. I'm supposed to go to the gym early tonight with Sir Nick. Lata, playa! (And David...if you read this..."NO NO NO!" :)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Busy Days and Lazy Days

So for the past two weeks I have been such a lazy-butt! Had to take off the gym because of some softball injuries (they weren't healing...but are better...not Add to that me going on an eating binge and I feel like a cow.

At least at work I had a medium level of stress (two major projects due at the same time) and was burning some extra calories there. I was pretty tired though...would come home, take a nap, wake up, eat, pop an Ambien, and then go back to bed :)

But I got OFF my butt this weekend and played my last game of softball with the church league I joined (I'll miss those guys...but at least we went out on a win!). It was a pretty good experience all around. I don't often interact with that many straight people at one time and it felt good to do. I think sometimes we (as a community) separate ourselves out from the rest of the Universe. I think its then when people don't get the opportunity to know us as individuals for our strengths and personalities. I'm not really an activist because I believe the most important changes are down at the personal level.

But this weekend we were off from HSL (my "regular" softball league) so I took the opportunity to get a bucket of chores done:

And add to that I decided to paint my Condo Association's signs this weekend (out of the kindness of my heart) because they looked CRAPPY :)

Now I have a mountain of laundry to put away (that's been in a pile for like 4 days now) but I think I'm going to procrastinate on that some more (hahah!).

I did give my number to this guy on Friday on MySpace and he replied with "Great, I'll put it in my phone and call you sometime". Well he hasn't called this weekend and I am feeling somewhat "not interested" anymore. I mean...hey...if I'm not interesting enough to call sooner, then obviously he isn't that interested. I don't want to be a convenience, I feel I should be a "want". *grin*