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Saturday, June 29, 2002

June 29th, 2002 (Pride Day 1)

Friday was the start of Pride 2002. It was actually kind of a quiet day at work. Until like 4:00 when something broke...dammit! LOL! I had been getting my haircut and deep in a meditative trance because my stylist was giving me a shampoo and massaging my scalp. I would TOTALLY hire a "boy" from the back of the fag rags to come and JUST do that for an hour. Anyway, they paged me and said one of my services was having problems. Later when I finished, I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Network connectivity from the outside in may be the it's screwy to GT.

So after that "fun" I started trying to make my light up pants for that night. I didn't get far. I need to remember that it takes more than an hour to make a pair ;) Hopefully tonight I'll have more time before I go out. Unsure of what I'm wearing (as little as possible I'm sure because it gets F-ing HOT in those clubs).

So we started out at the Red Chair. It was happening. We were there for dinner at 9:00 and it was really neat because we got a table with the "Reserve" on it. We eat there a LOT and the owner set us up real nice because of this (FABU!).

As we left RC at 11:00PM, I saw this guy that I had met in Pensacola that had encamped behind our tent one day. We chatted for a bit and might hang out today if we run into each other. Unsure if that'll happen. PRIDE kind of gets a bit wild with all the people. The line INTO Red Chair as we were leaving, incidentally, was all the way OUT and about 100 people long. Do I know how to time it?

So after that was Hoedowns until about 1:00AM. Very fun...VERY hot and sweaty, but overall not too bad.

So this is Saturday morning as I'm writing this, preparing for today's journey into "Gaydom". Going to go workout and get all pumped (I don't have time later) and then change into my little blue outfit (with matching blue hair even) and hit the park. Wish me luck on finding a parking spot!

Happy Pride everyone!

Monday, June 24, 2002

June 24th, 2002

What an incredible weekend. Friday night had a little date with this guy J. We had fun watching a couple of movies. But the big story is what happened the next two days... Saturday was up EARLY going to the softball fields for two make-up games that had been rained out earlier. Because we were in the 3rd inning, we had to pick up where we left off, down by 6 points to the opposing team. Did the Outlaws pull out of that slump and win?

You bet your ass we did!

We must have all had our wheaties because we came back and BEAT THEM. Our 2nd game on Saturday was just as sweet as we rolled to a second victory over the opposing team.

Saturday night found me eating dinner at Red Chair (I feel like I'm becoming a fixture there) and then to Hoedowns in my new sleeveless number that is SO fine. (Thanks to S for helping me make it).

Sunday was a tournament. Did we win our first game?

You bet your ass we didn't!

*laugh* Not after a Saturday night...however things turned around after the second game...

Oh, yes...they turned around. You see the tournament was double-elimination. You lose two games and you're out...we had an hour break and then won the second game so continued on playing. Then we had an hour break and won the third game. The Outlaws were in RARE form, great defense. The fourth game you ask? Oh yes...and WHAT a victory. Yours truly, the Digital Cowboy, got the winning out with a pop fly over to right field that NO ONE thought I'd get ;) I was like lightning flying across the field.

Now the fifth game...the Outlaws had been playing what will be three games in a row. We were tired and worn out a bit. The heat from the sun melted over us like thick sugar. It wasn't a dry heat like in the desert, but a heat that would fuel a rainforest into a turbulent growth spurt.

Defense played tight but it wasn't enough. We lost to an undefeated team but our spirits were high on endorphins and adrenaline on a job well done. After all, we went from the beginning of the year being a rag-tag collection of players into a real winning team.

Not only did we finish the year out placing 2nd in a tournament, but in our division we placed 3rd overall for the entire year...

Am I tired? You bet I am. But I leave this year with a sense of accomplishment...I mean after all...I was a part of it. A part of a winning team. And I'm really not talking about the numbers on the scoreboard. It's about the people you meet and the smiles you bring into each others life.

So go out there and "PLAY BALL!" and don't worry about striking out...worry about not swinging!

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

June 18th, 2002

I am tired. Hehehe. It was a very long day today of a sort. Traffic was a little bad going in to work, my software is misbehaving *grump*, and I just got home from a club meeting.

BUT it was a good day nonetheless... So I'm looking for a home...condo or house and let me tell's kind of a bitch. Mortgage rates, property values, blah blah blah. I'm wasting my money on rent however and it's way past time I start getting some capital.

I have needs and wants, just like every other imperialist American pig! LOL.

But seriously, this is something I've been meaning to do for awhile. It makes you feel like a real "grown up" however! I guess my days of Peter Pan-ing are almost at an end (for those of you that know me, you can quit laughing).

I think I need to join ICUII Anonymous. I'll admit it...I'm addicted. Video AND Chat at the same time? And there are some HOT guys on. (But just like PlayGirl...I just read it for the articles).

It's getting late and this weeks is ALREADY jam packed until Monday. Guess I'll be hitting the Red Bull hot and heavy this weekend. Gotta try and find some time to clean as the apartment is back messy again.

Tomorrow is another workout day. The results are starting to pay off (finally) but I'm really going to have to squeeze it in. I have to run home, work out, and then run to meet my friend for dinner and dance team practice that I need to speak at.

Other than that, it's been smooth sailing. I hope things are good for everyone out there on the net reading this. I'm trying to think of my next essay topic so if you have any suggestions, send em my way.

- DC

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

June 11th, 2002

What a weekend. Had my sister, nephew, and niece in town. Now I realize that though the thought of having kids is cool...the reality is as harsh as the Sahara desert. Friday night of this past weekend was great. Got to hang with my best friend and do some serious talking with him. We've both kind of been at each others' throat stressing each other out. Mostly because we were both stressed with no where else to channel it. I should say things are MUCH better now. LOL. My sister, nephew, and niece arrived Saturday night, took them out to Roxx where we saw some softball buddies out. I got paid the best compliment by one of them. The gist of it was that I had a great attitude, always upbeat, always smiling and he wished everyone were the same. I don't think I could have asked for a better moment. It surprised me a bit, but after having kind of a crappy week, the Universe must have meant me to hear it. :) The secret to good child behaviour I have discovered is to buy toys and then promise them IF they behave. This was taught to me by my nephew. By the Universe!!! I think I might apply that to my dealings with gay men! After all, we are the world's biggest control group with "Peter Pan Syndrome". I could buy him a new glowstick or two and then tell him if he behaves, he can have them when we go to the "playground" on the upcoming weekend. *laugh* I think my last entry I confided that I've been feeling a bit lonely. And though that still kind of stands in the back of my mind, that day must have been full of melancholy because I am SO over that ;) (And "NO" I am not bipolar thanks ;P) A couple of things have been running through my head however. One is that boy (or should I say immature jackass?) from Alabama. Why he still plagues my thoughts is BEYOND me. I think it's in "The Best Interest of All (tm)" if I just call him and get it over with. There's not any closure I think and it's starting to rub me like a strawberry from a bike wreck. Sunday we lost one game (but played a GOOD game), had a dang forfeit on the other. I wish I had been hitting like I had in Saturday's practice. I still hit well, but never made it on base. Where I was hitting was just not where it needed to be...(by tarhootie!). Took today (Monday) off and took my family to the Atlanta Zoo. It's actually pretty nice. A little stressful with children, but a place I hope to go sometime with a "cohort" to explore and learn a little more about this fantastic world. So it's time for bed soon. Just going to finish up here and hit the sack. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Friday, June 07, 2002

June 7th, 2002

Yesterday was a good day :) My friend L and I went to go see Star Wars: Episode II. I started cleaning house after work because my sister will be coming in this weekend. Her visit should be cool. I've never seen my niece before. My sisters joke that I can only handle kids for so long (and they're probably right *laugh*). Here's a funny thing...I was "playing" last night on ICUII and this guy attempted to "recruit" me for an escort agency. *LAUGH* I almost fell out of my chair. He even gave me information on the rates per hour, evening, weekend, etc. Although flattering, I don't think I could do that. There are some FINE guys that use ICUII. I got "caught" by a friend on there (we know what HE was doing) and talked about tattoos and piercing. I think I want to get my left nipple pierced. I'm thinking about doing it next week. I want to stop by and ask what kind of guage to get because I found a site with some custom stuff. ( I'm REALLY going to have to think about that...I've been wanting it for awhile and with my chest getting a little bigger now, I think it'd look sexy. I'll keep ya'll updated...

Thursday, June 06, 2002

June 6th, 2002

I've been a total bitch as of late. Thank goodness my best friend pointed it out to me. I guess I got drowned into a "funk" kind of mood... It's not easy being me. LOL. I started thinking about what's wrong with me and then I really thought "WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?".

This is not a pity story, or a cry for sympathy, but truth of the matter is, I'm actually kind of lonely. I do have great friends and am very busy most of the time, but that special guy still hasn't dropped on my doorstep.

Let me start off by saying I don't think that I'm a snob. I'm always nice to the guys that e-mail me or send me a quickmessage. I just don't find most of them "date" material.

What am I looking for? I'm sure that's a question we all ask ourselves. I don't think I'm being unreasonable by knowing what I don't want. I guess I'm just very cautious.

I do ask guys out, but guys today are just sketchy. I'd rather someone tell me (in a polite way) that they're not interested (read "stupid") but that it's very flattering.

I don't NEED someone to complete me, but would be nice to wake up next to someone that you care about every once and awhile. It gives you a feeling of connection and comfort that (though I love her SO) my dog Xena can't replace.

So I wait. And actually I expect to wait. And that's OK. :) I'm fortunate that I have a great life and (almost) everything I could ask for.

I wish you all the same and our princes are out there...we just have to wait for the white horse I guess :)