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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gracefully? Not if I have anything to say about it!

Time. It moves like a river...sometimes slow...sometimes like the rapids at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (no allusions to my butt intended). But as some people say, "Its better than the alternative!"

The obsession with youth is pretty much at the core with most gay men. "Peter Pan Syndrome" most of us have...hopefully though, I am a grown-up when it counts, a wide-eyed little gremlin the rest of the time. I still am a big kid. I love fantasy movies and I still watch cartoons (mostly super hero ones) as well as *embarrassed cough* Power Rangers. *ducks head* I know I know...but the stories all have pretty good character development and evolution. I hope someday to write, maybe some teen fiction, and I'm going to call it "research" for now :)

So tonight I got a little bit dirty:

No...that's not mud...its "Just for Men" hair coloring! ROTFL! I am going to "wash that grey right outta my hair" you know? The growing forest of grey that is my head and chest needs a make over. I mean, seriously, I'm only 33 years old! Why do I look like Kenny Rogers already? I have had grey hairs since I was 25! I'll either look stupid...or better (I'm hoping for the latter) but either'll be interesting!

Watch out Captain Hook! There's a new sheriff in Neverland!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jeepers Creepers, Mister!

My neighbor across the way, Lee, moved on to greener pastures (some boy in Florida swept her off her feet!) and my new neighbors are a soon to be married younger couple. Well Sean and I were heading to the gym and I noticed a new car parked in the driveway over there and I figured I should go ahead and introduce myself and offer welcome.

Well this very cute and petite girl answers the door with a broomstick in hand and I explain I am her neighbor and she's like "Great! I have to turn off the breakers in order for the power company to connect the house...but there are these crickets in there and I am scared because they jump all over and are freaking me out! I swear...I am normally not this girly!" and we laugh and I offer my butch self to go in there and brave the big bads.

Well...I was expecting something like this:

But it ended up being more like this:

So I went in, saw the tiny tiny innocent crickets on the wall (there were two of them), flipped the switches off and smilingly said "There you go!". Sean and I left out of the house to continue our day and when we got into the car, burst out laughing.

It is pretty cool dating another geek however we have some religious differences...hence this IM conversation regarding Microsoft vs. Open Source:

Sean: U and Open Source
Neon: LOL :) Someday your eyes will open! I will convert you!
Sean: people want a brand they can trust not a bunch of geeks running their life
Sean: HA
Neon: Maybe the sheep
Sean: I want to be pluged into the Borg
Sean: Resistance is futile. Hee hee!
Neon: Well you can have Mr. Gates babes :)
Neon: I'll sit pretty on an OS that actually WON'T get hacked within 5 seconds after installation
Sean: I will say that the Open Source community really does the leg work for Microsoft by developing the cutting edge stuff
Sean: Microsoft just makes it easier to the masses to use
Neon: LOL, and then the don't follow standards
Sean: People like glitz
Neon: I think I have plenty of glitz on my desktop
Sean: I guess I have to know my audience when I debate this issue
Sean: U are a techno head
Sean: when the computer goes bee-beep-bo (like R2-D2)
Sean: you go.... OH I understand that
Neon: beep beep bo bo?
Sean: I will just write a kewl script to solve that problem
Sean: But other are get frightened and they want a light fluffy little dog or paper clip to dance on the screen to tell them what to do next
Neon: bo beep bo bo zap-zap?
Sean: or to fix the problem
Sean: Understand now?
Neon: Whirr! Pew-pew!


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oh where, oh where, has my Nano gone?

Ugh. I was going to go workout (cardio) after my nap this evening, but I cannot find my iPod Nano. I pretty much rely upon it for workout music when I am doing step-aerobics (I even make my own mixes hehehe!). But alas...I have searched the car, my room, the entire downstairs three times, but I think I may have left it in my office. Crap. ( least I HOPE I left it in the office ;)

At any rate, this past weekend, Sean was up in one of the Carolinas at some work/Nascar thing while I was left home slaving away *sniff sniff* Hardly. :) I actually got called on Friday from my softball coach reminding me I had door duty at our host bar, Woofs. It just involves checking ID's and saying "Hello" and "Goodbye! Drive safe!"

I hadn't heard from Sean the whole weekend but I figured that boy had left his phone charger in his car (that he put in the shop). I was almost right as he had left the ENTIRE PHONE in his car (that was behind locked gates with a big dog guarding it as the shop had closed for the weekend).

When he finally did get in town, he used someone else's phone and asked me to drop by and pick him up to go get his rental car. We ventured down south to the airport and picked up a nice...NICE fire engine red Ford Mustang convertible. And Sean has NCF (New Car Fever) and is just bouncing off the walls. :)

Since my existing digital camera is a freaking BRICK from the 90's (it was kind of embarrassing to a technogeek like myself...I mean...I do have a rep to think about), I finally purchased a new one, a Sony DSC-S650. The reviews on it weren't astounding, but to me, it's a definite upgrade and I got it on sale (my favorite word!).

The 4th of July was a pretty great day! We had gone to sleep early and woke up...playful...but had plenty of time to catch an early show of the most amazing movie I have seen in awhile...TRANSFORMERS!

It was freaking amazing! I almost cried it was so good. Sometimes, when its like everything I dream of is escaping the confines of imagination, it just opens like a floodgate of emotion akin to having back all the wonder that kind of escapes you as you grow up. Sean told me that he had more fun watching me than watching the movie. I am sure I looked like a seven year old being taken to Disney World for the very first time. Now THAT is going to be a zero day DVD purchase!

After the movie, we went over to my friend Danny's house and sat around the pool, had a few drinks, had a couple of burgers. Very low key fun kind of time. :)

That night, Sean invited me to the rooftop of his condo to watch the fireworks. When we got up there, it seemed like everyone else had invited all of their friends as well, but we had a really good spot to watch the show from. It was kind of funny as this one guy, Sean told me, kept staring me down. He unfolded his hand like Freddy Kruger and said "snikt!" LOL :) Its sweet that he still gets a little jealous :) It was kind of awkward when a couple of his neighbors asked me where his ex was (they not being in the know yet) but I think I deflected their queries well enough (since its Sean's business to say something or not and I will respect that).

But overall, the 4th was just a great day. Definitely in my Top 10.